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CM Industrial & Safety Supply Helps in Refugio Oil Spill Clean Up

CM Safety is called on to help in the clean up efforts in the wake of the Refugio Beach oil spill in Central California. The company has been asked to provide extensive hazmat and environmental supplies used in the effort to remove 100s of thousands of gallons of oil from the beaches and waters off Refugio State Beach in Central California.

According to company spokesperson, Blain Ah San, “we have been working day and night, 7-days a week to supply the products needed to remove the oil from beaches and the nearby waters. We’re really the behind-the-scenes help here, we provide not just the products that contain and help dispose of the contamination, but we also want to make sure all the workers and volunteers are protected and safe during the clean-up process. This means everyone needs to wear protective gear around the contamination. We are providing Tyvec suits, gloves, masks, boots, eye protection and more to make sure everyone involved is safe.”

CM Safety has been supplying clean-up efforts for decades and uses their own Team, vehicles and equipment to support environmental recovery and clean up operations throughout California and states within the lower 48 and Alaska.

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